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Mayday, Mayday

Instant messaging is great, isn’t it? You can text the people you need to get to, whenever you need to.
Or can you?

Nearly 1 million messages are being sent while you read this: Whatsapp, SMS, etc. Yeah, all those funny photos, videos, emojis… they’re all great!

But, it’s not surprising if they make you feel anxious. And time slips away, along with your plans to accomplish things. You’re distracted all the time. It’s hard not to look at the screen! Those messaging companies built those apps to steal your time.

We built the Mayday messaging app for JUST the urgent messages. We want you to find time for yourself, get focused, relax away from all the media, and own your time.

If it’s not a Mayday,
it’s not important.


We created Mayday with built-in limitations

You can’t chat; just one message, straight to the point. It works like the other messaging apps, but messaging is restricted.
Once a Mayday message is received, it will be deleted after 24 hours: we don’t store any of your data or messages. Nothing!

Oh, and it’s free. Yes, free forever.

How do we make money?

We develop other projects for paying companies.

Try it!

But not too hard!
Use it only when necessary.

Feel free to contact us at